The Holstein Pet Treat Maker

In case you don't already have enough small appliances in your kitchen, appliance company Holstein announced last week the release of The Holstein Pet Treat Maker ($24.99), a panini press for dog treats. The Pet Treat Maker also includes a colorful book with 15 recipes and a glass jar to save left-over treats According to a company spokesperson, [...]

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SOS Appliance Repair Can Help You With Non-Emergency Appliance Problems too!

Having an appliance problem that has not yet turned into an appliance emergency? S.O.S. Appliance Repair can help with any and all appliance problems that you may have. Please feel free to post any appliance question or problem on our blog, on our Facebook page or via Twitter. Not sure how to set the clock [...]

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Waterless Washing Machine

Imagine a new way to wash your clothes with no soap or water, in just a few minutes, and with no noise... The Orbit is a concept washing machine by Elie Ahovi for Electrolux. Rather than using traditional soap and water, it uses dry ice, liquid nitrogen, and a magnetic field to clean clothes. Although it [...]

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Green Goo Refrigerator

What do you think, is this what the refrigerator of the future is going to look like? I think that it might take some time to convince the average American consumer to suspend their groceries in a green, translucent goo. The fact that it uses almost zero energy would seem to be a major plus [...]

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Dirty dishes? It may not be your dishwasher’s fault…

Due to the government-mandated removal of phosphates from dishwasher detergent, I have seen an uptick in customers calling with dishwasher washablity problems. Products that customers have used and relied on for years may now not be providing the same results they once did. It is hard to convince some customers that the detergent they are using is [...]

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Welcome to Jiffy Jones’ blog!

Welcome to Jiffy Jones' blog for SOS Appliance Repair! You'll find hints & tips regarding appliance maintenance, information about major appliance recalls, fun facts about appliance, and lots more...

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