Fabric Care 101

With all the different models and styles of washers and dryers, and the many different fabrics and materials that make up our laundry, what is the best way to clean and care for your clothes? GE's textile researcher talks fabric care basics in this article. Leave your best laundry care habits and secrets in the [...]

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Mister Steamy

No, that's not my nickname at the gym. It's a new product for your dryer that claims to virtually elimate wrinkles from your clothes. Don't throw away your iron and ironing board just yet though. According to a Cleveland-area news station, they found the results were less then spectacular. Click HERE to learn more.

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Tips for Re-using Dryer Sheets

Ever wondered what to do with your used dryer sheets? Click HERE for 50 ideas on how to reuse them, including instructions on how to make this beautiful gown. Perfect for that Oscar party this weekend!            

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Hey Romeo…

Still looking for that perfect Valentine's Day gift for your Sweetie? Click the link for some ideas that are sure to please! Great Ways to Reuse Dryer Lint You're welcome.

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