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BlueStar wall oven recall

More than 900 BlueStar residential gas wall ovens have been recalled by Prizer Painter Stove Works because of fire hazard. Some of the wall ovens have been improperly installed and/or have damaged flexible gas appliance connectors, creating the fire risk. The firm has received one report of a fire, resulting in property damage to the cabinet that [...]

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SOS Appliance Repair #1 Tip for Thanksgiving/Black Friday 2012

So, you've got 30 people coming over for turkey dinner tomorrow and your oven is dirty. You decide to run the self-cleaning mode on your oven and *poof* the entire oven stops working. Unfortunately, this happens all the time! The extremely high temperatures during the self-cleaning cycle can often cause components in your oven to fail. [...]

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LG Electronics Recalls Electric Ranges Due to Burn and Fire Hazards

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, LG has voluntarily recalled approximately 161,000 electric ranges due to burn and fire hazards. Check out the CPSC website for a list of models involved, and for more information on what you should do if you have a range affected by the recall.

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“Cool” New GE Refrigerators

GE is rolling out a new line of french-door refrigerators later this year. Some models will even feature a hot water dispenser, an industry first. Click HERE to learn more.

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Vintage Appliance Ads

SOS Appliance Repair aims to offer old-fashioned customer service. In an age where most companies don't seem to care about their customers, we strive to make each customer's Appliance Emergency a priority. In the spirit of this old-fashioned customer service, HERE is a very entertaining post about vintage appliance advertisements. Please let us know in [...]

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Fabric Care 101

With all the different models and styles of washers and dryers, and the many different fabrics and materials that make up our laundry, what is the best way to clean and care for your clothes? GE's textile researcher talks fabric care basics in this article. Leave your best laundry care habits and secrets in the [...]

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Viking Dishwasher Recall Announced

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) just announced a voluntary recall by Viking Range Corporation for around 2,000 of their dishwashers, because an electrical part could overheat and potentially catch on fire. Click here for all the details:

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This Refrigerator Goes to 11

Finally, a refrigerator that looks like an amp! Load it up with your favorite beverages and crank up the Kiss records. Click here for an instant party!

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Household Appliance Maintenance

One of the best tips we at SOS Appliance Repair can offer to help keep your appliances in top shape, is to always perform the manufacturer's regularly scheduled maintenance. Very few people maintain their appliances properly, which can lead to more frequent breakdowns. Click HERE for some tips on how to keep your appliances running [...]

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