How to Fix a Slow-Draining Dishwasher

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How to Fix a Slow-Draining Dishwasher

We recently came across this article from with some very useful information on things to check if your dishwasher is taking too long to drain or is not draining at all. Click HERE to read it.

I also want to point out a very important thing to never do when attempting to fix a dishwasher drain problem. Please, do not ever pour a liquid drain clearing product like Drano into a dishwasher. Not only will it never work in fixing a slow- or non-draining dishwasher, it can be very dangerous to your heath and can cause serious damage to the dishwasher.

Most drain clearing products like Drano contain very toxic chemicals. These chemicals are designed to go into drain pipes, mix with water and create a chemical reaction to dissolve and eat through clogs. A dishwasher is designed to fill with water, then spray that water all around the inside of the tub, and then drain that water. By putting a drain cleaner into a dishwasher, you are introducing a poison into a machine that you are entrusting to clean your plates, utensils, glasses and bowls — all things that you and your family use to eat and drink. You can also do severe damage to many internal working parts of the dishwasher like seals, valves and impellers that come in contact with these chemicals, causing possible leaks and machine failure.

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